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The blend of sales expertise, marketing acumen, and artificial intelligence will set you on the right path.

* This is just a small snapshot of the businesses of all sizes that have already put their trust in Coloracy.

Without sales, there’s no business

The internet is swamped with so-called “experts” in sales and marketing who promise 2 or 3 potential client meetings per month (and they can’t guarantee it)

And even if you manage to secure those 2 meetings… Will they buy from you?

But you know there are ways to achieve this because others have done it before. You continue seeking options to boost sales, reach new customers, and finally launch your business. You’re even willing to try all sorts of services, mentorships, or training. If you are confident it will work.

In the world of marketing, there’s a myriad of strategies, tactics, and genuine tricks. But they are not for all businesses. Only the best experts know what works in each case.

Every industry is a universe of its own.

At Colorbrainer, we offer the widest range of services in the market. But you need to trust us to choose what will work for your business.


SEO is perhaps one of the best investments for any business. Long-term positioning is cumulative, and more and more opportunities will come directly to your business.


You may have the best service or product. But the design and how you present it is all your potential customers will see. Yes, a book is judged by its cover, so a sales-focused design is key.


People do read. You are here reading this right now. Because when it comes to making a purchase, we want to know the details. How it’s explained directly influences the percentage of sales you get.


We can’t show you our clients’ success stories because we are committed to protecting the privacy of each and every one of them.

In a fiercely competitive environment, you wouldn’t want us to show what we’ve achieved for you, only for your competitors to see.

But we can showcase successes within our own group’s brands 😉

Over 2,000 quote requests per month

At Colorprinter, we achieved this milestone over a year ago. We continue to work hard to double this number in the next 12 months. It took us 2 years of effort and a total investment of $54,000. Even if we do nothing more, those requests would keep coming for years and years.

Over 100,000 unique visitors per month

Pure SEO for Colormedia. In the different media of the brand, we have created completely vertical positioning strategies that have led thousands of unique users worldwide to land on their blogs. In this case, Colormedia’s investment is €1,000 per month in a 2-year contract that we will soon extend.

More than 300 new customers

In Color4web, we managed to attract no less than 300 new customers in less than a year. In this case, we focused the strategy on referral marketing and a pre-launch. This brand transferred its service to another company, yielding a profit of 10x the investment made.

Answer Your Questions

If you have questions, here you can find some answers

How much does it cost?

Each project is evaluated individually. In each case, we have to select the best practices to achieve your goals.

While this may seem like a wide price range, for reference, 90% of the projects we undertake have an investment between $1,200 and $6,000 per month.

Why is it so expensive?

After asking about the cost, many clients ask why it’s so expensive.

It’s true that in some cases a monthly investment of over $1,200 might seem expensive. But it all depends on what you compare it to.

If, for instance, for $1,440 per month you end up getting 200 quote requests recurrently and organically… What salesperson could achieve the same results for that salary?

How is artificial intelligence used?

Although AI (Artificial Intelligence) is all the rage these days, we have been using it with excellent results for over 4 years.

AI allows us to simplify processes, analyze information, and perform increasingly complex tasks.

We see daily hundreds of articles and posts about people using chat GPT and other AIs for tasks that don’t really add value to a business. The key is knowing what to ask for and how to ask for it. From our experience with this, we achieve incredible results even using the same tool as everyone else.

How does it work?

3 steps.

We thoroughly analyze your business, current situation, and objectives. We verify the project’s feasibility.

We create a custom action plan that guarantees the best results.

We take care of everything until you start to see results.

Can I change services?

This is something you should leave in our hands. Certain things can take up to 12 months to see clear results. Even so, their profitability can be accurately calculated.

If we perceive that a strategy won’t work, we will be the first to change strategies. After all, you pay us to fight for your objectives, not for a standard service.

Can I speak with Colorbrainer?

Yes, we’ve set up a contact form for us to arrange a short meeting or call.

We can discuss possible options, and we’ll ask about your business and objectives to check whether we can genuinely help in your case.

Want to see if it will work for you?

Let’s calculate how much Colorbrainer can earn for your business.